Trekkers Adventures Jamaica Limited is a multifaceted Outdoor Fitness and Recreational Enterprise that is locally owned and operated by a team of qualified, skill and experience practitioners.  Trekkers Adventures Jamaica Limited provides an alternative to  Wellness Enthusiasts  locally and our visiting friends who are desirous of developing, improving and maintaining their physical fitness levels whilst exploring the inner and outermost parts of our beautiful island Jamaica.

Trekkers Adventures Jamaica Limited embraces the core concepts of Health and Wellness Tourism and seek to merge the dimensions of physical, social and environmental wellness to produce a product that is appealing to our nationals and international clients who are seeking a holistic training, self-testing their physical capacity and at the same time discovering the mysteries, beauty and histories of Jamaica.

Trekkers Adventures Jamaica Limited personal and corporate programmes are geared towards providing meaningful alternatives to our clients workout and socialization programmes. Thus creating depth to their training and recreational experiences.

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Monday - Saturday 8 am - 6 pm