Island inspired handmade protection jewelry, assembled by a small community of artisans, some of whom have a disability.

Jamaican Kristie Stephenson is a maker on a mission to sprinkle magic and wonder throughout her homeland and the world.  Each beaded creation under her Story and Myth brand is strung mindfully to bring the wearer healing, protection and strength and a vast inflow of positive energy.  

A strong believer in the metaphoric power of a culture's long standing stories passed down from generation to generation.  Kristie often shares folklore and ancient mythology to illustrate truths around self empowerment, inner strength and divine protection.  This belief in the potency of cultural tales is what sparked the creation of the line's Story and Myth name.

Since Covid 19, Kristie started drawing on the walls of her home, using chalk.  Telling stories through drawing and narration. 

The drawings are temporary, nothing is prepared prior, the drawing happens in the moment on the day and is eventually erased to start a new one.  

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