The view from a beach in Montego Bay, St James.

Jamaica to launch Beaches, Trails, Parks, and Gardens Guidebook

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett has announced that during the 4th Annual Jamaica Health and Wellness Conference, which is slated to take place on November 24, at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St James, his ministry will launch a Beaches, Trails, Parks, and Gardens Guidebook as part of a strategic push to expand the country's health and wellness products.

“The Ministry of Tourism's emphasis on health and wellness is part of its mission to broaden tourism beyond the traditional ‘sun, sea, and sand’ concept. It is one of five networks in my ministry's Tourism Linkages Network (TLN) that are being used to promote the growth and diversity of our product, the others being gastronomy, sports and entertainment, shopping, and knowledge," said Minister Bartlett.

"This is a natural fit for this niche market. Tourism is about relaxation and wellness. Our natural resources give us an advantage. The warmth of our climate, the development of nutraceuticals, and our natural hot springs are all important products in this expanding travel market. As a result, I am confident that this guidebook will be of great assistance to us in this regard," he added.

The Tourism Linkages Network of the Tourism Enhancement Fund is leading the project, which is a digital book designed to help Jamaicans and visitors alike find the best of Jamaica's eco-tourism offerings across the island so they can unwind in serene locations island wide.

The initiative is being carried out with the assistance of the Jamaica Conservation Development Trust (JCDT), Jamaica National Heritage Trust, Jamaica Environmental Trust (JET) Big Up Wi Beach Ja, the National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA), and the Urban Development Corporation (UDC).

"I am very excited to launch the first of its kind Beaches, Parks, and Trails Guidebook, which forms part of our mandate to support, enhance, and develop Jamaica’s health and wellness product and package, promote, and market it as an important tourism niche area. Further, in partnership with industry stakeholders, we promote market-ready wellness products, services, and facilities," said Kyle Mais, chairman of the Health and Wellness Network.

Health and wellness tourism is a rapidly growing sector and Jamaica, as a leading tourist destination, is well-positioned to benefit from conferences and expos that showcase our diverse range of expertise and wellness experiences.

The Jamaica Health and Wellness Tourism Conference is organised by the Tourism Linkages Network, a department of the Tourism Enhancement Fund, on November 24 and 25 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre to strengthen linkages between the health and wellness sector and other productive sectors of the economy, particularly agriculture and manufacturing, while promoting and showcasing Jamaica’s unique health and wellness tourism offerings.

The Jamaica Health and Wellness Tourism Conference will bring together leaders in the health and wellness tourism industry from Jamaica and around the world for one of the most important conferences on Jamaica’s tourism schedule.

Source: Loop News